Academy Rules:

If you are encountering RDM or other rule breaking and would like to report it, join our discord.

Our community also offers server hosting from our premium dedicated servers. If you are in need of a high quality server or have questions you can talk to an admin or join the discord and speak with Assault.

No Harassment:Any excessive hate, shit-talking, or bullying is a punishable offense.

No Hateful Conduct:Racism/Bigotry is not tolerated at all. This includes racist cosplays like Hitler, KKK, etc.

No RDM:Randomly killing outside of a designated FFA server or FFA area will result in a temp ban. Repeated offenses will be permanent. No revenge RDM, report it to staff or votekick the person that RDM’ed.

Votekick Abuse:Kicking people who are not breaking the rules will lead to punishment.

Exploiting:Exploiting the map to harass/troll other players is not allowed.


Welcome to our servers, we you hope you have fun.

Join the discord to participate in our monthly giveaways for Discord Nitro, Game Keys, and other cool prizes.

If you would like to apply for staff on our servers go to