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Why To Donate


We sincerely appreciate anything that you guys can donate and as we grow we will continue to give you guys more and more unique features and perks for our discord and servers in the future.
We want to host servers in every region for players so that everyone in our community can enjoy the quality experience we strive for with our gameservers.
NOTE: Before you donate you must be in our Academy Gaming discord. This is why we ask for your Discord ID so that we can give the perks in both Discord and the Servers.

All of our Donations go to the following Causes:

This is our current monthly hosting costs, we will update this as we expand and start hosting in more regions. Our community uses the extra space on our Dedicated Servers to rent out to players to also help with our costs. All servers purchased through our Community Panel also help support our community.

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Community Events

We host and help other communities with all kinds of tournaments and events with prize support.

Community Love & Support

Without you guys/girls the Gamers we would be nothing. Thank you for you activity and donations to keep our community growing.

Quality Gameservers

We aim for the best hardware to host our communities servers on, and as a result can also offer limited server hosting for other members or affiliates of our community.