Academy Gaming

A community of gamers that strive for a clean, non-toxic environment for players to focus on playing the game, and learning from others how to play better. We have many games that we support and have high end dedicated servers to host our communities gameservers in both North America and Europe. Welcome to Academy Gaming and we hope you enjoy your time with us!

We are looking for more communities that would like to work with us to expand our outreach and players into more regions and games.

Support our Community and help us fund more servers in other places around the globe.

If you need gameserver hosting check out our new panel. All hosting purchases goes back into AG to help with community giveaways and events, and to cover our own hosting costs.


We host Star Wars TDM/FFA Servers, Custom Horde Melee Only, and Academy Duel servers.


Blackwake is a small community of players, but the ones that play it love the game and the funny experiences that can come from boarding your enemies and sinking their ship.


Minecraft is a game still alive and well after a decade of being played. We are still working on our server network. You can ask for info in our discord.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Still one of the top played games on steam, CSGO has a great esports/competitive side to it and we host some awesome servers that save player stats to see who is on top of the community leaderboard.